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Information Technology

Information Technology

Outlook - Adding Student Email Address book

  1. In Outlook click ‘File’
  2. Click the ‘Account settings’ button, then select ‘Account Settings’ again from the drop down menu.
  3. Click the ‘Address Books’ tab at the top and far right.
  4. Click the ‘New…’ button
  5. Select ‘Internet Directory Service (LDAP) > click ‘Next’
  6. Type in ‘ldap.trentu.ca’ as the server name > click ‘Next’.
  7. Close and open Outlook as the next pop-up tells you to.
  8. Once it’s open again, click the ‘New Email’ button, then click ‘Address Books’
  9. You’ll find your new LDAP address book under the dropdown menu that currently says ‘Global address book’
  10. Select ‘ldap.trentu.ca’
  11. You may now search for students.

NOTE students names are stored as their username, so there is no space between first and last names.

CORRECT: ‘firstnamelastname’

INCORRECT: ‘firstname lastname’


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