One Drive - File Sharing

This document will explain how to share files from your Trent University OneDrive for Business account on the web.

File sharing can be done internally and even externally. If you work with people outside of Trent, this is a great way to share large files or collaborate on Office documents.

Access OneDrive Go to, login then click the Outlook icon in the Services>IT Services tab.

  1. Click the Apps Apps icon - blue background with 9 white rectangles in grid pattern button at the far top-left, then click the OneDrive tile:

Office apps list presented in tiles with OneDrive tile highlighted with box around it

  1. Navigate to the file you would like to share with your colleague(s). Click the three little dots next to the file, then click the ‘SHARE’ button as shown in the image below 

Project Documents listing on OneDrive with specific file indicated with Share button hightlighted.

  1. On the next screen you can invite people from within your corporation, or even those outside of it -- just type their e-mail
  2. Set the permissions (edit or read only) and type a message if you wish.
  3. Click the ‘Require sign-in’ checkbox, if you know the people you’re sharing with have a Microsoft account (either Office 365 or a personal or account)
  • This way you’ll know who’s editing/edited the document.

Screen shot indicating how to invite people, email address box and permissions drop-down. Also spot for personal note and indicator for whether or not sign-in was required.

If you’d like, you can simply generate a private link to share with a co-worker. When they click on the link you send them, they will head directly to your file.

  1. Click the ‘Get a link’ button on the left hand side of the screen and it will provide a link.
  2. Simply copy and paste this into an email and distribute it as you wish

Share Project Documents screen shot with "Get a Link" highlighted along with permissions options



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