Blackboard - Navigating a Course

A course contains the following major elements:

Home Page:

This area contains Course Modules like your calendar and the To Do list for the course. Check here often for course announcements and upcoming due dates.

Course Content (Also may be called Modules):

This is where the "lectures" and links or files of related readings and activities are found. The content is divided into "Learning Modules" which represent blocks of related course materials.

Course Information: (also may be called Getting Started, or Start Here)

The Course Information area contains important information you need to complete the course, as well as FAQs to help you perform essential tasks such as submit assignments or obtain technical assistance.

Assessment (Optional):

This area is where any tests or quizzes can be accessed.


Contains the Discussion Boards where you will post your comments for each module and your responses to other students' comments. There are also discussion categories for you to ask questions and introduce yourself to the class

Discussion Groups:

General Questions:

This is a discussion group for general questions and comments about the course. This is a public board that can be seen by all students taking the course. If you have questions that you don't wish to post in public, contact the instructor by e-mail.

Technical Questions:

Use this discussion area for technical questions, such as problems accessing an assignment. Someone may know a solution.

Random Chat:

Use this area to discuss topics not directly related to the course material.

Module Discussion Groups:

Learning modules may each have their own discussion topics. In each case, you're asked to make a comment in answer to a specific question. You're also be required to respond to comments from other students.

My Grades:

Check this area for grades on your course activities. The My Grades area also allows you to check progress on particular activities: Was the assignment submitted correctly? Has it been marked? Is it being graded?

My Groups:

If you have been assigned to a group, you may see a separate My Groups tab, where you can find group discussions and other project areas.

Navigating Course Content

When you're ready to start the course, first read the Course Syllabus and the Introduction, then click on the Modules in the Course Content area. Refer to the Course Information area for any special instructions for completing course activities and check the Assignments, Assessments, and Discussions areas for due dates and graded activities.


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