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Information Technology

Information Technology

Mobile Printing - Google Cloud

This document describes the procedure for enabling mobile devices to use Trent University public lab printers on campus, through Google Cloud Printing and the Papercut pay-per-page system.

Google Cloud Printing (GCP), enables printing from anywhere and is compatible with many mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as the desktop computers.

Recommended browser:

When printing from a browser, we recommend that whenever possible, you use Chrome for best results. Results may vary depending on your browser, mobile device, and its configuration or carrier limitations. Please check the list of known limitations at the end of this document.


To install a publicly accessible printer on your mobile device you will need a valid Google account. You can use your Trent University student email or a personal Google/Gmail account.

Installing a Google Cloud Printer

  1. To install student lab printers, scan the QR code on a printer or access the following links from your mobile device:
  1. Login to your Gmail account when prompted.
  2. You will be presented with a screen displaying message similar to this:

Screen shot of GCP notification that printer has been installed

  1. Once you’ve added a GCP printer, you can submit print jobs from your mobile device, through the apps menu:
  • iiOS users can find the print option by tapping the app’s share icon   Google Share icon - sheet with arrow pointing up   OR   Google left arrow
  • Android users can access print option through  app’s menu 
    • If your mobile device is configured with an  "@trentu.ca" email address, your jobs will be available immediately.
    • If you use a non-Trent Google account, you will need to complete an additional step the first time you submit a GCP job. Subsequent print jobs sent to Trent University GCP printers will then be processed automatically.

Associate personal email address with Trent University account (applies only if a non-Trent Google account was used above)

  • Note: This step must be completed while connected to the Trent University network
  1. If your mobile device Google account is not a Trent University email address, your first ever printing attempt will trigger an email message sent to your Google email address:

"A print job has been received from this email address. Before it can be printed, this email must be verified. To verify, please click the following link and enter your username and password when prompted:"

The email will include a URL, asking you to login to the papercut server web interface.

Note: It may take up to 15 minutes between sending your first print job and receiving an email asking for email address verification.

  1. Please follow the link and login with your Trent University credentials, entering only your username (without @trentu.ca) and the password. If you have problems logging in, please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

After completing this step, future print jobs submitted to Trent University GCP Printers will process instantly.‎

Enabling Google Cloud Printer support for additional applications on laptops

Windows OS users can enhance the range of applications supported by GCP, by installing the driver available at Cloud Print Driver-Windows.

Mac OS users can purchase an app called “Cloud Printer” at a current cost of approximately $3. This app connects a virtual printer to the GCP services, and simplifies printing to GCP printer from Macs:
Cloud Printer App for Mac OS.


Please send an email with "Subject: GCP problem" to it@trentu.ca if you have any problems. We’d also appreciate any comments & feedback you may have.


1. iOS based devices 

  • Printing web pages to the Google Cloud Printers does not work from the Safari browser, however emails can be printed from the Gmail web interface opened in Safari.

2. Blackberry devices – Version 10 and earlier

  • Email messages can be printed only when the Gmail web interface is accessed through the Blackberry browser.
  • Printing web pages from a Blackberry browser is not compatible with Google Cloud Printing.


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