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Microsoft has helpful Office 365 "how-to" pages. We suggest always searching for "how-to" on your own prior to contacting the Service Desk as you can often find your answer much more quickly than possibly having to wait for a call back.

Often, you can start typing a question in Google or another browser...."how do I .... add a signature in Outlook" and it will return a variety of possibilities. Look for the ones with in the link which is the Microsoft site.

In addition, please use training available through MyTrent, which is a superb resource for online training.

Here are a few links to Microsoft's site with key pieces that you may find helpful.

Adding a Signature Line to Outlook messages

Share or Publish your Office 365 calendar

Shared Mailboxes in Outlook 2013

Setting Out of Office replies in Outlook Web app

Setting Out of Office in Outlook



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