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Information Technology

Information Technology

MacMail Setup - Staff

  1. Open Mac Mail.

Screen Shot of MacMail in open state

  1. Click Mail > Add Account…

Screen shot of MacMail with selections noted as per Step 2

  1. Choose Exchange as the account type and Continue.

Screen Shot of Step 3 with Exchange selected

  1. Name is essentially how you will appear to other people. Email address is your full Trent email address. Password is the same password you use to login to myTrent. Click Continue

Screen shot of Step 4 instructions

  1. Usually Mac Mail is pretty good at picking up on the Exchange settings for our Trent accounts but if it doesn’t, refer to the screenshot below for the information to enter. Note that you can ‘name’ your email account ‘Trent’ or whatever you like in the ‘Description’ field. Click Continue.

Screen shot of Step 5 instructions

  1. Select which items you want to sync on your Mac. By default Mail is selected. Click Done.

Screen shot of Step 6 instructions with items to sync noted with checkmarks

  1. At this point the account is configured. Make sure to give it some time to sync up and download all of your mail/contacts/calendar etc.


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