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Information Technology

Information Technology

Lecture Capture / Webcasting: Viewing Statistics

Would you like to know if your content is being used? Would you like to see if a particular user/student has viewed your recording? These questions and more can be answered by viewing the "Stats" area of your recordings. Panopto provides a simple interface for seeing your viewer statistics that can really be helpful for understanding what your students are viewing, what they might need help with, etc. You can view statistics on any folder or on any individual session so you can get a snapshot of your course or view more detail on a particular session.

Login to Trent’s Panopto Webcast Server then select the 'Sign in with My Blackboard’ option in the upper right of the screen, 

Screen shot of option to sign in using "My Blackboard" from within the Panopto screen.

OR you can login via MyTrent>Services>IT Services>Panopto Webcasting icon:

Panopto icon screen shot which is a video camera in a circle with the words Panopto Webcasting below the image.


​Under “Folders” on the left menu, choose the folder of the course that you’re interested in viewing statistics for.The photo below shows that we will choose the Sandbox Testing folder using the left navigation menu. Choose the "barchart/Stats" icon in the upper right to view statistics for the entire folder.

Screen shot of Panopto navigation screen with Sandbox Testing folder highlighted for selection and the Stats icon in upper right  below the ribbon highlighted for selection to view consolidated stats for the entire folder.


If you wish to drill down to a particular webcast to see its viewing stats, hover over the webcast in the list and click on the “barchart/Stats” icon that will appear below the date and time.

Screen shot of the Panopto navigation screen once a folder has been selected showing the list of content  so that specific content can be chosen in order to drill down for detailed stats.


  • Display defaults to the “Past Month” – choose “Past Week” for “Past Day” for a more specific view.
  • Below the statistics, you’ll see a list of the students that have watched the group of webcasts or single webcast and the number of minutes viewed.
    • NOTE: For “Minutes Viewed”:
      • ONLY Students who view the webcast on a true laptop or a desktop will show any actual minutes. Students who view it on a mobile device (phone, tablet, ipad, ipod, etc.) will show zero minutes.
  • If the webcast was recorded to a public folder, you may see some anonymous logins. Anyone can watch a public webcast without logging in to the server.


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