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Information Technology

Information Technology

Lecture Capture: Panopto Setup - Lectern PC

This user guide will describe how to record lectures using the Panopto Webcast system in an equipped lecture hall.

Before recording with Panopto you will require a Microphone peg from the IT department (located in the Bata Library) as well as an integration into the Blackboard system. Please contact it@trentu.ca to arrange to have an integration installed in your Blackboard course.

Step 1 - Login to the workstation and initial setup

  • Login to the lectern PC as you normally would and power on the projector
  • On the Crestron touch panel, push the Camera Control button and push the on button to turn the camera on

  • Set the desired camera angle, generally you'll want to use either Podium Zoom or Wide Screen for best results

Step 2 - Launch the Panopto program

  • Double click the Panopto icon located on the desktop
  • Login to the Panopto system with your myTrent credentials
  • On the Panopto recording window, click the down arrow next to Folder and select the folder that corresponds to your course.

  • Set the audio source needed as Line in (Realtek High Definitio) 

  • Click the Add Another Video Source button and select the AverMedia HD from the dropdown menu

  • If you are using an overflow room, click the webcast button


Step 3 - Start and Stop the Recording

  • After all the options above have been set, turn on the microphone and tap it gently. Notice the bars on the audio register flash when you tap the mic

  • Click the record button to begin the recording and present normally

  • When you've concluded your lecture, click the stop button.

  • On the Recording Complete page, click Upload

  • Close the Panopto recorder and logoff the computer normally


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