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Information Technology

Information Technology

Installing Panopto at Home


Trent IT working with Trent Online has secured licensing to enable faculty and staff to install the Panopto software on non-lectern PCs. For faculty, this enables creation of flipped classroom videos.

The Panopto recorder can be installed on any computer where the staff/faculty member is the primary user, including office and home desktop PCs, laptops. This will allow users to record using their webcam.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or higher, or Mac OS Operating System
A valid login to the Trent Learning Management System (Blackboard)

A course folder in Panopto is required for storage of your videos - Please contact it@trentu.ca if you have not arranged to use Panopto in your class this semester.

Video Walkthrough 

View an installation video for the Panopto recorder to a Windows home computer


Please note - Before downloading Panopto you'll need a Panopto folder to record to. If you do not see the Panopto download link when you sign in, please contact it@trentu.ca to arrange for a folder to be created

Accessing Panopto before download:

  1. Navigate in your browser to https://webcast.trentu.ca
  2. Login to Panopto
    1. Click SIGN IN option in the top right corner of the page, if you are not automatically authenticated to Panopto
    2. Select sign-in using My Blackboard and click Sign in.
    3. Enter your MyTrent username and password when asked

Download Panopto

  1. In the top right hand corner of the Panopto page, click Download Panopto
  2. Select the recorder for the operating system you currently have on your computer which will download the installer on your computer.
  3. Launch the program you downloaded to begin installing Panopto Recorder.
  4. Accept all the defaults for installing the program.
    1. Click "Next" to any options that appear.
  5. Go to the "Start: menu and run the Panopto program.
  6. After the installer has completed, run the program from the start menu.
  7. You’re now ready to begin using the Panopto recording program.

Accessing Panopto after installation:

  1. Run the Panopto Recorder application from the Start Menu on your PC or laptop
  2. Select the “Login with My Blackboard” button
  3. Enter your myTrent credentials to login to the Panopto application. 


If you need help getting started with Panopto, please review the online training available.

Q & A:

Why do completed Panopto videos take forever to upload from home?

Panopto videos like any other video are large files. When using home internet, providers will often restrict or “throttle” the speed at which you can send information in favour of giving you more speed to download or receive information. This is why uploading Panopto videos is slow off campus. The IT department recommends that uploads be paused until you return to campus to take advantage of much faster upload speeds.

Can my students download and install Panopto to create their own videos?

At the current time, this offering is only available to faculty and staff. The IT department does not have sufficient storage to allow students to store videos. To do so would increase the size of our Panopto instance exponentially.

We recommend students use YouTube to post videos for class projects.


Contact the IT Service Desk by email at it@trentu.ca or call us at 705-748-1011 x 1010


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