iClicker FAQ for Students

If you have a technical question and do not find your answer here, please contact Technical Support at support@iclicker.com or 866-209-5698.

What is an i>clicker and what is REEF?

An i>clicker is a physical device similar to a TV remote control that is used to gather multiple choice feedback in a class. With the i>clicker software your instructor can poll the audience for answers to questions during lecture, this makes the lecture process much more dynamic and keeps classes interesting to participate in.

REEF is the software component that makes the i>clicker work, and also integrates with an app that you can download on your phone if you choose. REEF allows your instructor to collect audience responses from the mobile app, physical clickers and post grades to Blackboard all from the same application.

Why is my instructor using i>clicker REEF?

Like many instructors at Trent University, your instructor is using the i>clicker software to gather instant feedback during class. This helps ensure that you and your classmates are following along with the content in class and are engaged in your learning experience. Additionally, some of your instructors may be using the i>clicker system as a way to assess participation during lecture.

Where can I purchase it?

Physical i>clickers can be purchased from the Trent University bookstore. The i>clicker REEF app can be purchased through the Apple App store or through the Google Play store. When purchasing a physical clicker, students will receive a coupon for 6 months free of the i>clicker REEF app.

If I have a physical i>clicker do I need to buy the app or pay a subscription fee?

No you don't. If you have a physical i>clicker you can still register it in your REEF profile and participate without paying. However, buying a subscription to i>clicker REEF allows you to track your grades and use the mobile application.

Can I use the app if I don't have a subscription to REEF?

No, to use the portable app you must have an iClicker REEF subscription.

How do I register my physical i>clicker?

See registering your physical i>clicker

How do I use my physical i>clicker?

See using for and caring for your physical i>clicker

How do I know if my votes have been recorded?

When using a physical i>clicker in class you can confirm your vote is being recorded by the green light flashing above the choice you've selected, or by the blue "vote status" icon appearing when you vote.

How do I know what my iClicker Grade is?

For matters relating to course grades please speak to your instructor.

My physical i>clicker's identification number has worn off and I need to register it. What should I do?

Stop by the IT service desk located on the second floor of Bata Library.

I've been participating in class, but there's no grade posted for me in Blackboard. What should I do?

Each class and instructor handles grading differently, and ultimately your instructor has the final say on any grade related matters. Please confirm that you've registered your clicker correctly following the instructions in: registering your physical i>clicker and contact your instructor to discuss grade related issues.


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