How to Use OneDrive on the Web

This document will explain how to use your Trent University OneDrive for Business account on the web.

If you would rather watch a quick video tutorial, click here : Video and more info

  1. Go to, login then click the ‘Outlook’ icon
  2. From here, click the settings button (9 white boxes on a blue background) at the far top-left, then click OneDrive (pictured below):

Screen shot of Steps 1 to 2

  1. You will see a page similar to the following. 

Screen shot of Documents page in One Drive with file and folder listing

  1. To upload files, simply drag them from a folder on your computer onto this page, or click the ‘Upload’ button along the top row and browse for the file you want.
  2. You can also use the ‘+new’ button along the top row to create new Microsoft documents that you can edit from within OneDrive using web versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote.

  "Create New File" dialog with application options such as Word, Excel

  1. You can interact with your files from within the web, or you can select the file by clicking just to the left of its icon to download a copy of it to work on as seen in the image below :

Image of manage options list offered when you click to the left of a file name

Monitoring Storage - Checking from the web:

  1. Click the little gear icon next to your name at the top right, then select ‘Site settings’. There are two methods for doing this - either via the web - Steps 1 to 3 or via the Sync Client (if you have it setup on your system).

Screen shot of the site settings option in the drop down under the gear icon (Step 1)

  1. Then select ‘Storage Metrics’ under the ‘Site Collection Administration’ heading 

Screen shot of Step 2 with Storage metrics selected under the Site Collection Administration menu

  1. You will now see how much space you have left at the top of your screen slightly below and to the right of the heading.

Screen shot of storage Metrics setting with storage value indicated

Monitoring Storage - Via the Sync Client

If you have One Drive synced to your desktop:

  1. Find the little OneDrive icon down by the clock at the bottom right of your screen (may be in the "hidden/more icon area)
  2. Right-click it and select ‘Manage Storage’.
  3. Click ‘View OneDrive for Business Storage

Screen shot of the "View One Drive for Business storage bounded by a box in the Manage Storage menu on One Drive

  1. You can see how much space you have left at the top of your screen slightly below and to the right of the heading.

Screen shot of the location of the storage value indication having followed steps 1-4


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