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eduroam is Trent's WiFi network. It is recommended that Trent University faculty, staff and students set up and test their computers as soon as possible to use the eduroam network. Once you have connected to eduroam at Trent, you will have wireless access to any eduroam-enabled institution in the world.

Trent Community members

  1. Scan or click on the QR code below.

  2. Answer the configuration prompts using the drop-down buttons (country,  institution, user group (service) you wish to connect to (eduroam OR RezNet), and your particular device.

  3. It will identify the correct installer. Download the installer and follow the next set of prompts to complete the setup.


    You must do this for each device with which you wish to connect to either of Trent's networks.

    Scannable QR code to access both eduroam and RezNet on campus


Click "Install" in the upper right corner of the Install Profile screen.

Screen shot of "Install Profile" screen in eduroam configurator

Key in your device passcode (if requested)

Screen shot of "Enter Passcode" screen in eduroam configurator

Read Trent's Computing Code of Ethics (You signal acceptance by clicking "Next")

Screen shot of "Consent" screen in eduroam configurator

Install a Security certificate

Screen shot of "Warning" screen related to security certificate installation from eduroam configurator

Enter your email address which is your "username  for the Wi-Fi network "EDUROAM""(e.g. Click on "Next" to continue with the wireless connection setup.

Screen shot of "Enter Username" screen in eduroam configurator


Setup - Visitors from partner educational institutions

Eduroam allows users at any participating organization to log on to the Trent University wireless network using the same username and password that they would use at their home organization. To access eduroam you will need a user name and password obtained from your home organization.

  1. Select eduroam from the list of wireless networks:
    • Authentication: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption: AES

Eduroam technical support is provided by your home organization. Therefore, you must ensure that you are able to connect to eduroam at your home organization before travelling. Trent University is unable to provide technical support to visitors.

Appropriate use

Users of the eduroam network must abide by Trent University's Computing Code of Ethics guidelines as well as any guidelines set out by the home/visiting institution.

Support: Where to get help

Technical support for eduroam will be provided by your home institution whether at home or abroad. Trent University faculty, staff or students visiting another participating institution should contact Trent's IT Service Desk


Visitors to Trent University should contact their home institution's IT support for assistance.

More information: eduroam

You can visit the Canada eduroam site for more information, or for details on the global eduroam initiative, you can visit the website.


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