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Pick your class email address from the Official Trent Course Section Email Distribution List which now includes AUTOMATIC CROSS-LISTING. If your web browser is configured for a web browser, your email should come up with the distribution email address in the To: line of a new message in your mail client.

If your web browser is not configured for a mail client:

  1. Right click on the address you'd like to send to
  2. Choose "copy email address"
  3. Open a new mail message
  4. Right-click/Paste the address into the To: box. 

To ensure a better communication system for all members of the Trent Community, please DO NOT COLLECT the hotmail/gmail/sympatico accounts for your students and use those instead of a student's "@trentu.ca" email address provisioned to every student.

  • Require that your students check their "@trentu.ca" email accounts, or forward those accounts on to an account that they use.  

All instructors and staff must be authorized to use the Distribution List system. If you receive a "permission denied" message on an "undeliverable message" then you must request this authorization via an email message to it@trentu.ca.

Course Section Email Distribution List System Rules:

  1. You can only email your course sections from your "@trentu.ca Outlook email account. All e-mails from other providers such as Sympatico, Nexicom, or Rogers will be rejected.
  2. You cannot include an attachment of more than 1 Mb to your course section in the email message.
  3. The email sent will be sent to the respective students' Trent email accounts.  Please let the students know that it is their responsibility to either check their Trent email account, or to forward it to an account that they do check.
  4. Your students cannot reply to the list.  Any replies attempted will bounce back to them.
  5. FACULTY: The email distribution lists contain only the addresses of TRENT students.
    1. IF YOUR COURSE SECTION IS IN OSHAWA, and there are UOIT students registered, your UOIT students will not receive the email messages sent via the distribution list. You will need to address them all separately by looking up their "Email address" in your learningSystem/Blackboard Gradebook. In this situation, by using the e-mail link on the left menu of your Blackboard course, your message would be sent to ALL REGISTERED TRENT AND UOIT students!

Here is an explanation of an email address for a full year course section. E-Mail addresses are based on official Registrar/Colleague course nomenclature:

CUST-1000Y-A-2016FW-PTBO@trentu.ca   (will email the 'A' section only of a full-year course in the 2016 Fall/Winter Term)

CUST-1000Y-B-2016FW-PTBO@trentu.ca  (will email the 'B' section only, if there is a B section in the 2016 Fall/Winter Term) 

Here is an explanation of an email address for a half-year course section:

PSYC-2016H-A-2016FA-PTBO@trentu.ca   (will email the 'A' section only of a half-year course in the 2016 Fall Term)

If your course section is cross-listed i.e. ERSC-BIOL-GEOG-2080H,  all cross-listings must be present (ERSC-2080H-A-2012FA-PTBO@trentu.caBIOL-2080H-A-2012FA-PTBO@trentu.caGEOG-2080H-A-2012FA-PTBO@trentu.ca) or else some of your students will not get the email message.  

Links selected from the Official Trent Course Section Email Distribution List automatically include all cross-listing section addresses.

If you require assistance, please email IT@trentu.ca


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