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Information Technology

Information Technology

Creating Training Videos


This document provides the methodology and tools to produce a staff training video. The platform used for producing, hosting and management of training videos is Panopto. This system is comprised of  4 main components; microphone, camera (optional) , desktop recorder software  and the web interface where video content is edited and managed after initial recording. The desktop recorder is ideal for screen capture of computer-based presentations such as PowerPoint or other desktop applications. The desktop recorder station in the IT Multimedia room OC 150.8 is the computer to be used for recording training videos.

Videos recorded with other devices/software can also be uploaded to Panopto for hosting (in compatible formats) on a request basis. Finished projects saved in media formats such as *.avi, *.asf, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.mov, *.mpeg, *.wma, *.wmv, etc. are acceptable. Send an email request to it@trentu.ca to request this service and include the words “Panopto Upload Request” in the subject.

Preparing for your Training Video

  • Define the scope, objectives of your training and target audience.
  • Draft a script for the video which will serve as a guide for conveying the content both in voice and visuals appropriate for the target audience. This process is known as “storyboarding”. A sample template is available at the end of this document.
  • Break down your video project into segments of approximately 3 minutes for optimal impact. Assign a sub-title to each logical segment of your content this will facilitate chunking your video into a searchable format.
  • Request a Panopto project folder for your video(s). Send an email request to it@trentu.ca with the words “Panopto Folder Request” in the subject and a suggested folder title in the body and a brief description of your project.
  • Schedule time in the IT Multimedia room OC 150.8 for doing your recording session(s). Staff may schedule an Outlook “meeting” with themselves in this room to reserve the space. 

Recording Your Video in the IT Multimedia Room OC 150.8 with Panopto

If you are new to recording with Panopto make a short “test” video and play it back to ensure your audio and video is being recorded properly

  1. Boot up the studio computer (located in the black equipment cabinet) and log in with your Trent username and password.
  2. Double click on the Panopto icon  on the desktop to start the recorder
  3. Select a destination folder (ie. your project folder) for your video from the large drop down button in the upper right and click Add New Session 
  4. Audio: use Microphone (HD Pro Webcam) for AUDIO setting in the Panopto Recorder Setup screen. 
  5. Microphone level adjustments are preset and typically need no adjustment.
  6. Mic Settings, although typically not required, can be made under Windows audio settings under Control Panel, Manage audio devices,  Recording, select Microphone, Properties, Levels
  1. Video Settings:
    • If you wish to be in the video use the Logitech HD Pro Webcam on top of the monitor.
    • Select this in the drop down menu on the left. 
    • Plug in to computer in cabinet if necessary. 
    • Select Standard Quality.


  1. If you would like to record your PowerPoint presentation, select Capture PowerPoint under Secondary Capture Sources.
  2. Press the red Record button Icon image  at the top left of the window to start recording your voice and on-screen activity.
  3. Press Stop button when you're done.

Your video will be uploaded to the Panopto server automatically where it can be opened for playback and further editing online in your folder using the Panopto web interface.

Screen shot with several key steps noted from numbered list above

Viewing and Editing with Panopto Web Interface

Viewing, editing, captioning and general management of video content is done with the Panopto web interface accessible through myTrent.

  1. To open the viewer, login to www.trentu.ca/mytrent > IT Services > Panopto Webcasting
  2. The Panopto Webcasting icon will take you to the Panopto landing page.

Public Videos:

Links to public videos are readily available on the landing page. Click a video’s title to start playback in the viewer.

Non-Public Videos:


  1. Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner of the Panopto landing page.
  2. Enter your Trent username and password to login.
    • This will open your Panopto home page showing the non-public videos and Panopto folders to which your account has access.
    • Click a video title on the home page or open a folder on the left sidebar to access others and click on any of the titles found within.


  1. Once you've located your video, click the edit icon under the title to open in the editor.
    • You can edit videos you own or to which you have been granted editing rights.
  2. In the editor, you can perform various functions on the timeline such as trimming content, adding events/thumbnails, searchable metadata, chunking videos and captions. Adding events/thumbnails, metadata or captions is a great way to add searchability to your video.
  3. When you are done editing a video be sure to click the Save or Save As button in the top right to save your work.
  4. Closing the editor window will re-submit your revised video automatically to the server for re-encoding and publishing. This may take some time depending system workload.
  5. You may repeat this process as many times as needed to finalize your video.

Organizing your Videos:

  1. If you would like to have a private Panopto folder to organize/store your videos submit an email request to it@trentu.ca stating your requirements.


  1. If you would like to have a transcript generated for your video’s audio track once it has been uploaded with finalized editing:
    1. send an email request to it@trentu.ca stating the name and folder of the video you would like transcribed.
    2. Include the words “Panopto Transcription Request” in the subject of your email.

The IT Panopto administrator will submit your video to our captioning service. Turn around time for this service is approximately 24-48 hours. When completed, the resultant transcript will appear under the Captions tab in the viewer.

Editing Transcripts and Captions:

Captions you add manually or those resulting from the transcription service can be edited/corrected in the Panopto editor.

  1. Select the Captions tab
  2. Hover your mouse pointer over the item
  3. Click the Edit button.

Additional Resources

Resource are included as additional general information to aid in the development of video projects keeping in mind Panopto is the supported video hosting platform used at Trent.

Panopto Support

Storyboard Template
This document is an example of a basic storyboard layout you may use as a template for your project. In the right column enter the voice/audio script to accompany the screen, scene or PowerPoint slide referenced in the left column. Add your entries to the storyboard in the order you wish to present. Feel free to modify this layout to meet your needs or use another format that is to your liking

Alternative Screen Recording/Video Production Software for Personal Self-Service

Camtasia Studio screen recording software (educational pricing)
Camtasia Tutorial – lynda.com


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