Creating Training Videos


This document provides the methodology and tools to produce a staff training video. The platform used for recording, hosting and management of training videos is YuJa. This system is comprised of  4 main components; microphone, camera (optional) , desktop recorder software  and the web interface where video content is edited and managed after initial recording. The desktop recorder is ideal for screen capture of computer-based presentations such as PowerPoint or other desktop applications. The desktop recorder station in the IT Multimedia room BL 105.5 is the computer to be used for recording training videos.

Videos recorded with other devices/software can also be uploaded to YuJa for hosting (in compatible formats) on a request basis. Finished projects saved in media formats such as *.avi, *.asf, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.mov, *.mpeg, *.wma, *.wmv, etc. are acceptable.

Preparing for your Training Video

  • Define the scope, objectives of your training and target audience.
  • Draft a script for the video which will serve as a guide for conveying the content both in voice and visuals appropriate for the target audience. This process is known as “storyboarding”. A sample template is available at the end of this document.
  • Break down your video project into segments of approximately 3 minutes for optimal impact. Assign a sub-title to each logical segment of your content this will facilitate chunking your video into a searchable format.
  • Your video content can be stored in a folder within your YuJa Media Collection which is available to all employees. 
  • Schedule time in the IT Multimedia room BL 105.5 for doing your recording session(s). Staff may schedule an Outlook “meeting” with themselves in this room to reserve the space. 

Recording Your Video in the IT Multimedia Room BL 105.5 with YuJa

  1. Follow these instructions for recording a video with YuJa.

​Tip: If you are new to recording with YuJa make a short “test” video and play it back to ensure your audio and video is being recorded properly

Viewing and Editing with YuJa Web Interface

  1. To open the viewer, login to  and open the Blackboard learning system
  2. Open your course.
  3.  From the course tools menu (left sidebar), select YuJa to open your Media Collection to view, edit and caption  your video projects.


Additional Resources

Resources are included as additional general information to aid in the development of video projects keeping in mind YuJa is the supported video management platform used at Trent.

YuJa Help Center

Storyboard Template
This document is an example of a basic storyboard layout you may use as a template for your project. In the right column enter the voice/audio script to accompany the screen, scene or PowerPoint slide referenced in the left column. Add your entries to the storyboard in the order you wish to present. Feel free to modify this layout to meet your needs or use another format that is to your liking

Alternative Screen Recording/Video Production Software for Personal Self-Service

Jing (free capture and screen recording software)
Camtasia Studio screen recording software (educational pricing)
Camtasia Tutorial –


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