Cisco 7940/60 How-To

7940/7960 handset image with location indicators for various functions. Clockwise from upper left 1: Message Indicator light, 2: Softkeys located at bottom of display, 3: Display, 4: Line buttons located along right side of display, 5: Footstand button is located off the right edge To the bottom right of the display there is a grouping of 4 oval buttons with a round one in the center. Clockwise in this grouping # 6: Messages button, 7: Directories button. Moving to the center of this group is small round "help" button. Moving to bottom right of this grouping you have the Settings button, and to the left of settings is the Services button. Below this group of 5, is a wider volume button that can be depressed to left to reduce volume and to the right to increase volume of speaker, handset and ringer. Below this volume indicator there is a group of three butttons. Far right of this group is Speaker button, in the center is the Mute button, and leftmost of this group is the headset button. Moving slightly to the left and just below the softkeys is a vertical button which can be depressed up/.down to navigate/scroll the screen options. Between this navigation button and the handset is the 12-button dialpad.





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