Cisco 7911/12

Image of 7911 or 7912 handset showing numbered locations corresponding to the table below that explains functionality of the numbered locations


Location Feature Description of Functionality
1 LCD Screen Displays features such as the time, date your phone number,caller ID, call status, and softkey tabs.
2 Cisco IP Phone Series Indicates your Cisco IP Phone model number
3 Softkeys Enable you to engage any of the functions displayed on the corresponding LCD screen tabs. Softkeys point to feature options displayed along the bottom of your LCD screen. Softkey functions change depending ont he status of your phone (for example, if the phone is active or idle
4 Navigation Button Enables you to scroll through text, highlight menu items, and select calls displayed on the LCD screen. Also provides access to speed dial numbers
5 Menu Button Displays a menu that provides access to a voice messaging system, phone logs and directories, settings and services.
6 Hold Button Places the active call on hold,and switches between an active call and an incoming call or an active call and a call on hold.
7 Keypad Works exactly like the keypad on a traditional telephone
8 Volume Button  Increases or decreases volume for the handset and speaker. Also controls the ringer volume (if on-hook i.e. handset in the cradle)
9 Handset Functions like a traditional handset. The light strip at the top of the handset blinks when the phone rings and remains lit to indicate new voice messages (depending on your message system).
10 Foot stand Allows the phone to sit at a convenient angle on a desk or a table.


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