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The Grade Centre

  1. On the Control Panel, expand the Grade Centre section to display the links to the Needs Grading page, the Full Grade Centre, and the Smart Views. The Control Panel is located below the Course Menu and is not seen by students.
  2. Select right-pointing arrows next to the Grade Centre heading to go directly to the Full Grade Centre.
  3. The Needs Grading link displays a page listing all individual assignment, group assignment, and test attempts. It also includes blog and journal entries, wiki page saves and discussion posts ready for grading or review.
  4. The Full Grade Centre link displays all columns and rows in the Grade Centre and is the default view. 
  5. The Smart View links appear as an indented list below Full Grade Centre . Smart View is a focused look at the Grade Centre and shows only the data that matches a set of criteria. For example, the default Tests Smart View displays only test columns. You can create customized Smart Views and remove unneeded Smart Views. Select a Smart View link to open the Grade Centre using that view. 

Action Bar and Views:

  1. Action Bar

  • Create Column — select   to create a column that represents a gradable item in you course.
  • Create Calculated Column — select from the drop-down list, select one of the following calculated columns: average, minimum/maximum, total or weighted.
  • Manage — from the drop-down list, select an option to manage grading periods, grading schemas, grading colour codes, categories, smart views, row visibility, column organization or send email.
  • Reports — from the drop-down list, create a report or view grade history. 

  • Interactive View — select the Action Link next to the Grade Centre title to change your view of the Grade Center. In the interactive view, you can type grades directly into each table cell. Use the arrow keys or the tab key to navigate, and press the Enter key to submit a grade. This is the default view for the Grade Centre.
  • Screen Reader View — in the screen reader view, the data appears in a simplified grid. The table is static and you type grades on the Grade Details page accessed from a cell’s contextual menu. 
  1. Sort Columns — from the drop-down list, select one of the following options for sorting the columns: layout position, categories, due date, date created, points possible or display name.

Enter/Change or Delete/Undo grade

To enter or change a grade from the Grade Centre:

Point to and select the desired cell. Type the value and select Enter.

To change a grade from the Grade Details page:

Point to the desired cell, select the Action link, and select View Grade Details. On Edit tab, type the new score in the Current Grade box. Add any feedback to user or Grading  Notes and Save.

To delete a grade from the Grade Centre:

Point and select the grade to be deleted. Select delete or backspace and enter. On the pop-up message select OK (grades that are set to NULL display a dash (-) and can be set by typing NULL in cell.

To undo a grade change:

Point to the desired cell, select the Action Link and select View Grade Details. Next to the Current Grade Information select Revert. Select OK when the warning message appears.

Exempt a grade edit/erase an attempt

To exempt a grade:

Point to the desired cell, select the Action Link select Exempt Grade and add a comment the desired cell. Select the Action Link, and select Quick Comment. To clear the exemption and go back to the previous score, select Clear Exemption.

To edit an attempt:

Point to the desired cell, select the Action Link. Select View Grade Details and under edit, select Edit Grade—type the new score in the Value Box and add any feedback to user or grading notes. Save.

To erase an attempt:

Point to the desired cell, select the Action Link. Select View Grade Details. On the Edit tab, select Clear Grade. On the pop-up message, select OK.

Create/delete or organize columns

Create a Grade Column:

  1. In the Action Bar, select Create Column and provide a Column Name.
  2. Provide a Grade Centre Display Name (column header) and a description to identify the column.
  3. Select the other settings as needed and Submit.

Delete a Grade Column:

From the drop down list in the column header, select Delete Column. Deleting a column is a final action and cannot be undone.

Organize Columns:

  1. In the Action Bar point to Manage and select categories. 
  2. Select Create Category and provide a name and a description.
  3. Submit.

Group and change categories

Group category

  1. In Action Bar point to Manage select Categories.
  2. Select create Category and provide name and description.

Change category

  1. Point to manage and select Column Organization.
  2. Point to Change and Submit.

Viewing/grading by question

Viewing and grading by question:

1. In the Grade Centre, locate the column header of gradable item.
2. Open the contextual menu.
3. Select Grade Questions.
4. Filter by status: Graded, Needs Grading, or In Progress.
5. Select the number under Responses by the question to grade.
6. On Grade Responses page, expand the Question Information to view.
7. Select Edit to by each student response to grade it. Type the score (option to add feedback in the text editor).
8.Submit and Back to Questions when complete.

Creating Smart Views

As you enter and view grades you are obtaining information on how students are performing in the course. Smart View shows only the criteria that matches a set of criteria.

Create a Smart View in the Grade Centre:

1. On the Action Bar point to Manage to access the drop-down list select Smart Views.
2. On the Smart Views page, select Create Smart View and type the name of the Smart View (name appears).
3. Select the check box for Add as Favourite to add the Smart View to the Control Panel.
4. Select Type of View and under User Criteria select grade column.
5. Under Condition select criteria and in the Value Text Box type the score or percentage against how the criteria is assessed.
6. Select the Filter Results from the drop-down list by selecting the columns to appear in the Smart View.

Basic Terms:

Calculated Columns:

Gathers data from multiple areas of Grade Centre and performs a calculation. There are average, minimum/maximum, total and weighted total columns.

Needs Grading File:

Lists assignments that need grading.

Smart View:

Views of the Grade Centre based on criteria.


Create printable customized reports for students.


Join related categories together and organize data.

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