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Information Technology

Information Technology

Active Sync- Setup for Windows

Microsoft and Active Sync logos


  1. Swipe screen to the left

Microsoft Windows mobile screen with arrow indicating left swipe

  1. Select Settings from the menu

Screen shot of Window mobile screen with Settings option selected

  1. Select email+accounts

Screen shot of "email and accounts" circled under the Settings/System applications menu

  1. Select "add an account"

Screen shot of "add an account selected" under the Settings/email + accounts menu

  1. Select "Outlook"

Screen shot of Windows mobile "Add an Account" screen with Outlook circled for selection

  1. Enter your Trent email: username@trentu.ca
  2. Enter your password for this email
  3. Select Sign In

Screen shot of Windows mobile sign-on screen

  1. Select the "done" button

Screen shot of Windows mobile Account Added confirmation screen

  1. Enter your Trent email and password

  2. Select sign in

Screen shot of Sign-in screen in Windows mobile

  1. Select "done" (you really are now!)

Screen shot of "Account Added" confirmation screen


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