Active Sync- Setup for Blackberry

Blackberry Active Sync logos

  1. Select Settings from your "home" screen

Blackberry  home screen with Settings circled as the choice per step 1

  1. Select "Accounts"

Blackberry system settings screen with Accounts shown as the choice per Step 2

  1. Select Advanced

Blackberry Add Account screen with "Advanced" indicated as the choice to make

  1. Select Microsoft Exchange Active Sync

Blackberry Advanced setup screen shot with ActiveSync indicated as the choice to make

  1. Add a description (Optional)
  2. Enter your MyTrent username followed by ‘’
  3. Enter your Trentu email address (
  4. Enter your password
  5. Check that server address is set to:
  6. Check that port is set to 443
  7. Use SSL: On
  8. Push Sync Interval: Set to On

Blackberry Add Account screen showing with fields completed per Steps 5 to 12

  1. Toggle all fields to "On" position
  2. Select Done button in top right corner

Blackberry "Add Account" screen with sync choices offered indicating that all should be toggled "ON"

  1. Wait for the "Saving and Verifying" message to clear

Blackberry screen shot showing settings being verified &  saved

  1. Ensure the profile is correct.
  2. Select Set Defaults.

Blackberry screen shot with example confirming user account setup

  1. Ensure this field matches your Trent email address.

Blackberry "Select Default Accounts" screen shot  for email and calendar invitations



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