Active Sync- Setup for Apple iOS

  1. Select “Settings”

Screen shot of Apple iOS indicating to choose Settings menu from the home screen to get started installing ActiveSync

  1. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

Screen shot of iOS indicatiing to choose Mail, Contact, Calendars in the Settings menu

  1. Select “Add Account…”

Screen shot in iOS to select Add Account

  1. Select Microsoft Exchange

Screen shot of Step 4 in Apple iOS indicating to choose Microsoft Exchange

  1. Enter your TrentUemail address

Credentials screen in iOS for sign-on indicating to use " format for email field

  1. Enter your TrentUemail password
  2. Enter your TrentUemail address as the description

Screen shot of sign in screen with Apple

  1. Enter into the Server field
  2. Enter a backslash followed by your TrentUemail address.
  3. Enter the password for your TrentUemail.
  4. Enter into the Description field
  5. Select the "Next" Button in upper right of screen

Visual representation of Apple entry screen for Server, Domain and description (Steps 9-11)

  1. Toggle all fields to ‘ON’
  2. Select "Save" in upper right corner.

Your account has been created.

Confirmation screen of account creation in Settings Menu under Mail, Contacts, Calendar


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