Accessing a Trent Exchange Account As a Student

To start, open up a web browser. In the examples below I am using Google Chrome.

In the address bar enter the following link, substituting with the address of the mailbox you would like to access. Ensure you enter in the trailing slash at the end, otherwise this won’t work.

Screen shot of URL to access an Office 365 mailbox.Example shows mailbox name:

After you press enter you will be brought to a Microsoft Office 365 login page. In the address field ( enter in your Trent email address and click Sign In or press Enter. Ignore the password field at this point.

Microsoft displays a notice that it will be redirecting you to your organization’s sign-in page. It may take a few seconds depending on your internet connection.

Screen shot of Office 365 credentials screen with redirect message: "You are being redirected to your organization's sign on page."

Now you will be looking at the myTrent ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) login page. Enter in your Trent username and password.

Screen shot of MyTrent sign on page

After you click Login you will see that the Outlook Web App (OWA) is attempting to log you into the email account you’re trying to access.

Screen shot of Outlook web app launch screen

Assuming we have the appropriate access and we remembered all our slashes then the email account should load. In the example below AB User was able to access

Screen shot of Outlook web app for

It is important to note that any action you perform, any email you send or reply to, is that of the account you are accessing and not your own. If AB User sends an email from here it will, in every sense, come from the DemoSharedMbox account.


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