Zoom: Getting Started

Joining a Meeting from an invite:

1. Open the e-mail meeting invite or calendar event.
2. Click on the link for Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

Screen shot of Step 2 link to join a Zoom meeting from an invitation

3. Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking “Save File” and then the download arrow in the browser toolbar.  Select the “Zoom_launcher.exe” file, then press “Run”.
4. See Meeting Options within in this document for options during the meeting including sharing content.


Join a Meeting with an H.323 room system

1. In a Trent room equipped with video conferencing, press the Video Conference button on the Crestron touch panel.
2. Press the Dialing Control tab at the bottom of the touch panel.

Bottom menu control on Crestron touch panel

3. Press Dial Zoom Meeting.

Visual representation of Step 3

4. Enter the Meeting ID found in the e-mail invite and press “Call”. The Meeting ID is a string of 9 to 11 numbers found at the end of the “Join from PC” URL or at the very bottom of the e-mail invite. 

Zoom keypad to complete Step 4

5. To share content with the far participants, press the Input/Camera tab and select which content connected to share.

From iOS or Android device:

In the iOS App Store or the Google Play store, search for “zoom” and install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

Using Dual Monitors with Zoom:

  1. To use one monitor for content and the other monitor for people, hover over the Zoom window and press the arrow to the right of the “Stop Video” icon. Press “Video Settings…”


  1. Go to the General tab on the left.  Check “Enable dual stream for dual monitor”.
  2. Close the settings dialog, and exit Zoom by clicking the “X” in the Zoom window title bar and selecting “Leave Meeting”.
  3. Relaunch Zoom by clicking the download arrow in the browser toolbar again and selecting “Zoom_launcher.exe”, then “Run”.
  4. Move the main Zoom window (the one that display options when you hover the mouse over it) to the display on which you wish to view people by dragging the title bar. To exit full screen mode on either Zoom window, double click anywhere in the window.
  5. Double click the main Zoom window to make it full screen.

Computer Audio Options

When you click Audio Options you can access the following options by clicking either the Join by Phone or Computer Audio tabs.

Computer Audio Tab

When you click the Computer Audio tab, you can:

  1. Leave Audio or Join Audio in the meeting you are attending.
  2. Click Test Mic & Speaker to test the your computer speaker(s) or microphone and adjust the volume.

Screen shot of "Join by Phone" tab with Leave Audio selected (one of choices from Step 1)

Screen shots of "Join by phone" tab with Join Audio selected (Step 1) along with test screens (Step 2)

Join by Phone Tab

When you click the Join by Phone tab, you can:

  1. Select the flag drop-down to find your country.
  2. Dial the number listed for your country.
  3. Enter the meeting ID as seen on the screen when you receive the prompt on your phone.
  4. Enter the participant ID as seen on the screen when you receive the prompt on your phone. 
    • Note: If you decided to Join via telephone after Joining via computer, please select Audio Options and Leave Computer Audio. Then enter #Participant ID#. Otherwise you may hear audio feedback or echo in the meeting.

Zoom - Join by Phone Tab with Steps 1-4 example data


1.   Click the Video camera icon to turn on or off video for a meeting. 

Icons to toggle between Video On and Video Off (red line through it)

ZOOM Meeting Options:

Once you have started or joined a meeting, you can perform the following actions from the menu bar located at the bottom of the meeting window (move your mouse to toggle):
You can:

Zoom screen shot for meeting options outlined in text.

Shot of Step 2 option menu once "Mute" is selectedPopup menu options from Step 4

  1. Mute and Unmute your audio and select Audio options.    
  2. Access the Microphone and Speaker options by clicking the up arrow next to Mute. This allows you to change your computer’s microphone and speaker choices. Access the Audio Settings. See Meeting Options>Audio Options.
  3. Stop and Start the video portion of the meeting.
  4. Access the Video options by clicking the up arrow next to Video. This allows you to change your computer’s video input. Access the Video Settings. See Settings>Video.
  5. Invite more people to join by email, instant messaging or a Room System.M
  6. Manage Participants, including mute / unmute, lock screen share so only the host can screen share, play enter/exit chime for participants, and lock the meeting.
  7. Share Screen lets you share your screen with meeting participants.
  8. Chat lets you start a private or group chat.
  9. Record lets you start recording the video and audio of the meeting. If you are already recording, you can stop recording by clicking the Stop Recording button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  10. End Meeting lets you end or leave the meeting.
  11. Click Enter Full Screen in the upper right hand corner to use full screen mode.

Share Screen

  1. When you click Share Screen, a screen opens where you can select the window or application that you want to share.
  2. Select, if needed, one of the following options:
    • Share computer sound when screen sharing
    • Optimize for full screen video clip
  3. Click Share Screen.

Screen shot of steps Share screen - Steps 1-3

Mute/Unmute Audio

Click the microphone icon to mute or unmute your meeting audio.


  1. Invite lets you invite people to a meeting. Icon image for Step 1
  2. Click Invite. The Invite people to join meeting screen opens.

  1. Click Invite by Email to invite people to a meeting using Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo Mail. Click to Copy URL or Copy Invitation to include in the email.
  2. Click Invite by IM to invite people using instant messaging. Type in the person’s name and select the person. Click to Copy URL or Copy Invitation to include in the email. Click Invite to send the invitation.

Screen for Step 4

  1. Click Invite by a Room System. Select Dial In to an H.323 /SIP Room System using a Meeting ID or a Pairing Code to invite people to a meeting

.Step 5 screen shot - Call an H.323 system

  1. Click Invite by a Room System. Select Call Out to use an H.323/SIP room system to invite people to a meeting. Enter an IP address or E.164 number. Select H.323. or SIP and then click Call.


  1. Click Chat to send a group chat to a selected Group.
  2. Select a Group from the left side of the screen.
  3. Type in a message and press Enter. The message is sent to all members in the selected Group.
  4. If you want to keep the chat, click Save Chat. The message is saved in the meeting folder on your computer.
  5. To view the chat, click Show in Folder or browse to the folder.

Screen shot of Chat Page in Zoom


To record or stop recording a meeting audio and video (if selected), do the following:

  1. Click Record to begin recording. Zoom will record the meeting’s audio and video (if selected).
  2. Click Stop Recording to end all audio and video recording of the meeting. The recording will not be saved until you end the meeting.

Screen shot of Record buttons in on/off state

End Meeting

To end a meeting:

  1. Click End Meeting. The End Meeting and Leave Meeting screen appears.
  2. Click the I’d like to give feedback to Zoom if you want to provide feedback on the conference call you just hosted or attended.
  3. Select End Meeting for All to end a meeting for which you are a host.
  4. Click Leave Meeting if you want to leave a meeting you joined.
  5. Click Cancel if you decide you do not want to end or leave the meeting.

Screen shot of above steps (leave meeting)

Full Screen

  1. If you want to view the meeting in full screen, click Enter Full Screen in the upper right corner of the Zoom meeting.
  2. To exit full screen mode, click Exit Full Screen and your meeting window returns to its original size.

Screen snip of Enter Full Screen and Exit  Full Screen


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