YuJa - Publish Video to a Course

To publish a video to a course, the video will be embedded into Blackboard content. It is not necessary for the viewer to leave the Blackboard system to view the video.

1. Navigate to the appropriate location within your Blackboard course where you would like the video to appear.

2. In the Build Content menu, select Item under the heading Create.

Blackboard menu build content select item

3. Give your video a name. If the Text box toolbar is not fully expanded (as shown in the image for step 4 below) Expand the toolbar by clicking the chevron on the far right.

4. In the Text box, select the arrow beside Mashups and select YuJa Media Chooser.

5. A new window will open that may take a few moments to load. In that new window, you are given the option of uploading new content or videos. Scroll down the inner window to find a list of all of your videos.

6. Select the desired video or videos, and then select Insert Videos.

YuJa media chooser prompt

7. Back in Blackboard, select Submit to embed the video.

Blackboard menu with embedded  YuJa video frame


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