Video Conferencing

Please note: If your video conference will have multiple people in one room at Trent, the room must first be booked with Room Bookings. For a list of compatible rooms, please see the Video Conferencing service page.

Hosting a Video Conference

If your video conference will not be using H.323 endpoints and:

  • will be only two participants (yourself connecting with one external participant), or;
  • will be more than two participants but not longer than 40 minutes in duration,

then you can schedule and/or host your own Zoom web conference. For all other video conferences, please see the Requesting a Video Conference section below.

To host a Zoom web conference:

  1. Sign in to using your myTrent credentials.
  2. To host an ad-hoc meeting, hover over Host a Meeting in the top right and select With Video On.
  3. To schedule a meeting, select Meetings on the left navigation menu, then select Schedule a New Meeting. Invitation text can be copied and sent to external participants.

Requesting a Video Conference

For video conferences with more than two participants and longer than 40 minutes, or video conferences using H.323 endpoints, please use the following instructions to request a video conference. Please note that requests must be made at least three days in advance of the date required.

  1. Fill out the Video Conference Request form on the myTrent Portal under Services -> IT Services.
  2. Add any special instructions or requests for additional assistance in the Booking Notes section of the form.
  3. Wait for the invitation or confirmation e-mail from Trent Video Conference (may take up to three days).

If you have any questions regarding video conferencing, please contact


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