Using and caring for a physical i>clicker

Using a physical i>clicker to vote in class

  • Turn on your i>clicker by pressing the power button. The power LED will show green or blue (depending on your clicker model) when it has powered up.
  • Use the A, B, C, D or E buttons to respond to the questions your instructor has posted in class. Your iClicker will flash a green or blue light to acknowledge your vote status

image of IClicker with callouts for Power and vote buttons as well as vote status lights

Problems with your i>clicker and replacing the batteries

If your i>clicker will not stay on or is experiencing other problems, the first step in troubleshooting is to replace the batteries.

i>clicker+ (the shorter version) models are powered by two AAA batteries. i>clicker original (the longer model) is powered by three AAA batteries. In the original model, the third battery often goes unnoticed which can lead to additional problems.

Trent IT recommends using AAA batteries other then Duracell, as they have been known to cause issues with i>clicker models.

Changing the frequency

In the vast majority of cases you will not need to change the i>clicker frequency unless there's another class using i>clickers in close proximity. However, this seldom happens so don't worry about the frequency unless your instructor tells you to change it.

To change your i>clicker frequency hold the power button until the power light begins to flash, then push the frequency code provided by your instructor. For instance, if the frequency was AB I would push A first, followed by B.

Once you have successfully entered your frequency, the power button will stop flashing.

i>clicker Return Policy

It is your responsibility to ensure that your clicker is registered and functional. When you first buy it, remove the plastic strip to allow the batteries to function, press the ON button and check that the POWER light comes on. If it does not, then return it immediately to the Bookstore, which has a 7-day return policy on defective equipment. 


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