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Please update the following information. We require an email address different then the Trent email issued to you with this account and/or a cell phone number to send password reset tokens.

If you forget your Trent password, we can send a verification token to the email and SMS number to enable you to reset your password.

You can Update your profile NOW, or access the form at anytime by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to myTrent via the web at http://www.trentu.ca/mytrent.
  2. Click on the Account' icon (or your picture if you've enabled a photo) at the top left.

Screen shot: Step 2 - My Account icon in MyTrent

  1. On the dropdown menu, choose 'Change Password' option
  2. Choose "Update Profile" and enter your secondary email address and SMS phone number which will allow you to request a new password in future if you lose or forget it.


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