There are a couple of different ways that users can organize a teleconference here at Trent:

Use your Cisco VOIP phone's conference feature. Conferencing allows you to connect up to 4 parties including yourself.

  1. While on a call, press the "More" and then Confrn softkey. You will hear a tone and original caller(s) now on hold.
  2. Dial the number you wish to add to the call (Start with a "9" if it is an external number)
  3. When the called party (#3) answers you can talk privately.
  4. To complete the loop and initiate the conference call so all three parties (including you) can participate, press the Confrn softkey again.
  5. Repeat the procedure (Steps 1 to 4) to add the 4th participant to the conference, if necessary.

If you make an error while transferring a call, press EndCall and then Resume softkeys to return to the original caller. Re-initiate the process.

  1. If you have more than 3 guests, a Conference Phone is available for booking via MyTrent>Services.  The Conference phone can be picked up per your reservation at the IT Service Desk in Bata Library.  An Audio Conferencing On-Demand Card is required and provides reservation-free conferencing services, 24/7.  The cost is a flat rate of $0.04/minute/participant for calls throughout Canada and the US. To open your account with Vesta Networks and to obtain a Conference Call Card, email or call 1-866-281-9191.  Be sure to reference Trent University to ensure these rates.


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