Technology Guide for Single Projector Room with Crestron control (v2)

Applies to rooms:  GCS103, GCS105, GCS106, GCS108, GCS110, GCS111, GCS112, OC205, OC208

The technology in this room supports local presentation with the  following equipment:

  • Local computer (DVD/CD) with TrentNet, Internet (Trent login ID required)
  • Crestron touch screen control panel for audio visual control and content switching
  • Laptop adapter cable for HDMI input
  • 1 Video projector (HDCP compliant), 1 projection Screen
  • Document Camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • Classroom sound system

Accessibility: If you require assistance with any of the equipment in the room please contact the Information Technology Service Desk by phoning 705 748-1010 or emailing

Note: Lectern equipment and layout may vary in some rooms.

Lectern Components shown below:

  1. Audio Visual (AV) control touch panel
  2. Laptop adapter cable for HDMI
  3. Local PC
  4. Document Camera
  5. Power outlet for laptop
  6. Telephone for calling technical support at extension 1010, option 4
  7. Monitor
  8. Keyboard and mouse

Lectern showing available audio visual components numbered one through eight

Getting Started with the AV Control Touch Panel

If the control panel (1)  is dark simply tap the surface to wake it up. This is the first screen you should see upon waking the panel. Touch again to bring up the main menu. The projector will come on and screen will lower.

Screenshot of AV control panel start screen  with Trent logo

Starting a Local Presentation

To  begin using the room for a presentation, choose your desired source from the menu such Local PC(3), Laptop (2) or Document Camera(4). This will  project the  image for the selected source. Power on Local PC(3) in the rack if needed and login with your Trent username and password. Insert your USB memory stick  if presenting from that device. Optionally,  present from a  personal laptop by connecting to the HDMI adapter cable (2) on the lectern. You may need to press Windows + P to mirror your display. The optimal display resolution for presentation is  1280 x 800 which can be set through your desktop properties (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac).  Note; Mac users will need to bring the appropriate Apple video adapter to connect with the lectern adapter. 

Switch from one AV input source to another as desired.

To adjust volume during a local presentation, simply press the up or down arrow in the Volume box on the right of every screen.

Temporarily cancel video projection by tapping Projector Mute. Tap again to re-enable.

The projection screen can be raised or lowered any time using the Screen control buttons on the left.

Screenshot of AV control panel main menu with source select buttons

System Shutdown

When you are finished using the equipment in the room, logoff the local PC and  press the red Shutdown button on the touch panel found in the top right corner of every screen. You are presented with the option to cancel in case you accidentally pressed the Shutdown button. To continue with ending your session, press the green Yes button. To return to the previous screen, press the red No button.

Also remember to: turn off the document camera if used, remove personal USB memory sticks, disconnect laptop.

System shutdown will turn off the projector and raise the screen automatically.

Screenshot of AudioVisual control panel with shutdown prompt


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