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Information Technology

Information Technology

Technology Guide for Seminar Room with Fixed LCD Display (MPC-M5)

Applies to rooms: CCN G4, CCN I1, LEC207, LEC208, OC104, OC107, OC204, OC206, OC207, WH102

The technology in these small seminar rooms supports local presentations. In-room equipment includes a 70 inch LCD display, audio visual control panel, networked computer, laptop input cable (HDMI) and campus WiFi.

Accessibility: If you require assistance with any of the equipment in the room please contact the Information Technology Service Desk by phoning 705 748-1010 or emailing

Instructional video

Audio Visual Components Shown Below:

  1. Audio Visual (AV) control panel
  2. Lectern computer (PC)
  3. Laptop adapter cable for HDMI connection
  4. Laptop power outlet
  5. 70" LCD flat panel display
  6. Keyboard and mouse
  7. Monitor
  8. Telephone (Call ext.1010 option 4 for emergency Tech Support)

Classrrom technology in-room components

Presenting from the Lectern Computer (PC)

  1. Power on the lectern computer (2)
  2. Login with your Trent username and password and open your presentation
  3. When you are ready to share your content with the class, power on the room display (5) by pressing POWER ON on the AV control panel (1)
  4. Press PC on the AV control panel (1) to select that input source
  5. Adjust audio volume as needed by using the VOL buttons on the AV control panel (1)



Presenting from a Laptop

  1. Plug your laptop's power cord in to the lectern's power outlet (4) if desired
  2. Start your laptop and open your presentation
  3. When you are ready to share your content with the class, connect the adapter cable (3) to laptop’s HDMI port
  4. Power on the room display (5) by pressing POWER ON button on the AV control panel (1)
  5. Press LAPTOP on AV control panel (1) to select that input
  6. If needed press Window key + P on your laptop to mirror video on the room display
  7. Adjust audio volume by using the VOL buttons on the AV control panel (1)

AV Control Panel

Audio visual control panel. Item one

When You Are Finished

  1. Log off the lectern PC or shutdown and disconnect your laptop if needed.
  2. Power off the room display (5) by pressing the POWER OFF button on the AV control panel (1)


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