Technology Guide for Seminar Room with Dual Fixed LCD Displays (MPC-M10)

Applies to rooms: BL411

The technology in this room supports local presentations. In-room equipment includes 2 large LCD displays with AirMedia, audio visual control panel, networked computer, video camera (with integrated microphone), and campus WiFi.

Accessibility: If you require assistance with any of the equipment in the room please contact the Information Technology Service Desk by phoning 705 748-1010 or emailing

front view of room with two large flat screen displays, computer, video camera, audio visual control panel

Presenting from the Local Computer (PC)

  1. Power on the right display (beside local PC) by pressing RIGHT ON and RIGHT PC on the AV control panel (shown below)  located at the front on the far left. 
  2. Power on the local PC and login with your Trent username and password and open your presentation. 

  3. If desired, press LEFT ON  and LEFT PC on the control panel to show content on the second display as well. 
  4. To display content from a personal laptop or mobile device press LEFT AIRMEDIA  and/or RIGHT AIRMEDIA and follow the on-screen instructions for your device.  An AirMedia How-To  is also available for your reference. Note; each display has its own AirMedia providing independent display of two user devices.
  5. Adjust audio volume using the dial on the AV control panel (1)

AV Control Panel

Audio visual control button panel.

Video Camera

The in-room video camera (with integrated microphone) is connected to the local PC and may be used for web conferencing using Zoom.

When You Are Finished

  1. Log off the local PC and/or end your AirMedia session. 
  2. Power off the room displays by pressing LEFT OFF and RIGHT OFF on the control panel.


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