Technology Guide for Durham TN126

In this room there is basic technology, to assist you in the facilitation of your class:

  • 60" LCD flat panel display
  • VGA/mini-audio Laptop adapter inputs  to TV
  • Optional HDMI Laptop adapter input to TV (cable required)
  • Blu-Ray / DVD player
  • Telephone with live answer emergency support during primary academic year  (ext 1010 option 4)

sixty inch LCD  flat panel display, hand-held remote control, telephone,  VGA laptop adapter cable and user guide

Note: User must supply their own cable if using the HDMI input

Getting Starting for a Presentation

  1. Connect the free ends of the VGA cable (and mini audio jack) to your laptop and ensure the other ends are on the Extron wall panel mounted below the flatscreen observing the labelled ends of the cable. Note; MacBook users will need to use the appropriate VGA  Apple adapter .
  2. Using the SHARP remote control on the wall press the POWER button (4)  to  power on the flatscreen.
  3. After the flatscreen is on, press the INPUT button (5) on the remote control  to activate the input menu and press it again repeatedly until "Input 3" is selected ( or "HDMI" if using that input (3) )
  4. Power-on  your laptop computer. (Note: you may have to toggle on your laptop’s external video port by pressing Fn+F8 (for DELL brand)  or something similar for your brand of laptop to send video to the flatscreen.

Extron connect panel and sharp handheld remote control




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