Technology Guide for BL105.5

This room is equipped to support studio-based computer recordings (YuJa)  for online course content and other presentations. With in-room video cameras and a microphone it can also be used for delivering webinars or virtual meetings using Zoom.

Technology Components Shown Below:

  1. Local Computer with YuJa recorder (under desk to the right)
  2. Handheld Remote control for Sharp LCD display
  3. 70 inch Sharp LCD display
  4. Desktop monitor
  5. Webcam 1 with integrated microphone
  6. Webcam 2 with integrated microphone
  7. Desktop speaker 
  8. Wireless keyboard and mouse
  9. Laptop adapter cable (HDMI)

 Room BL105.6 showing available audio visual  technology

Starting a Presentation

To present using the room computer, power on the computer (1) under the desk, and login with your Trent username and password.

To present from a portable device, connect your device to the HDMI cable available on the desk.  The optimal display resolution for presentation is 1920 x 1080 which can be set through your desktop properties (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac).  Note: Mac users will need to bring the appropriate Apple adapter to connect to the system.

To show your presentation on the room display (3), turn on the room display (3) using the SHARP remote control (2) and press Power. If you are presenting from the room computer, ensure that SHARP input is set to HDMI 1 using the remote control. For portable devices, ensure the SHARP input is set to HDMI 2.

To adjust audio volume during a presentation, use the volume dial on the front of the right desktop speaker.

Recording Presentations with YuJa Software Station


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