SPAM in Outlook

What is SPAM?

SPAM is much like junk mail received in your home mailbox, it's distributed by advertisers trying to solicit products or services.

Users who's email addresses are listed on publicly accessible or searchable websites are especially susceptible to SPAM?

How is SPAM different from Phishing or Spoofing?

SPAM is different then Phishing or Spoofing in that it's mass distributed by a subject to solicit a product or service. Unlike a phishing attack, which is more targeted, SPAM is simply an annoyance to most users.

What should I do about SPAM on my Trent staff email account?

Microsoft maintains a robust SPAM filter on our Office 365 service that catches most junk mail in your inbox. However, if you continue to receive SPAM continually from the same source, flag it as Junk in Outlook by right clicking on the message, clicking Junk and Block sender.



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