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The need to collaborate digitally with colleagues both internal to Trent and external to the university is a frequent requirement of working in a modern, connected world. The internet is filled with many free and low-cost file sharing solutions that seemingly fit a number of needs. This user guide will explore a number of use cases and outline the IT recommended solutions for file sharing.

Please note - personal and consumer file sharing services that are not managed through Trent IT are not approved for the storage of highly sensitive data.

Use Cases

Audience Notes
Internal Users - H and S Drives Trent University users are provided with network attached storage connected to Trent imaged computers through the H and S drive. The S drive can be used to share files within a departmental workgroup. 
Internal Staff & Faculty - Individually Sharing - Microsoft OneDrive

As part of our Microsoft Office 365 subscription, Trent University faculty and staff can use sharing inside Microsoft OneDrive to share files easily. This example works well when a small collaboration or the need to share files on a limited basis is required. 

For more information on using OneDrive see -

Internal Staff & Faculty - Group/Team Sharing - Microsoft SharePoint

For larger teams or workgroups Microsoft SharePoint is available to Trent University faculty and staff. Unlike OneDrive, SharePoint is designed to be a shared with a group rather then residing with an individual. 

For more information on using SharePoint please contact 

External Users - Access to Office 365 - Microsoft OneDrive/SharePoint Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint sites can be shared with users at other educational institutions provided they have access to Microsoft Office 365. Simply enter the recipients Office 365 enabled email address in the sharing dialog box. 
External Users - No access to Office 365 - NextCloud If you are required to share files through the internet and the recipeint does not have access to Office 365 the MyFiles software has the ability to created shared folders. Please contact for assistance. 



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