Request a new Access Group

As the delegate for your Share, you must request a new access group in order to assign share rights to folders with others in your group starting on Saturday, Feb. 17th, 2018. You can request it at anytime prior to or following the 17th. 

  1. To request a new access group, please click on the link below and complete the form:

Request a new access group  and allow user management within the group:

  • Following submission, IT staff will create the newly requested group.
  • You (as submitter) will receive an email confirming the new group and its name.
  • Once you have received the email confirming group creation and the group name, it will be visible in the new Group Manager Utility.
  • Use Group Manager to assign rights to other users within your new Share.

Please note that current users will have view only access to folders following migration until rights have been assigned by the delegate.


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