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A wireless printer that has not joined any other Wi-Fi network will act as an access point on its own. (You may see them in your wifi network list as "HP-ENVY-029C4" for example.

Because they are not integrated into RezNet, these printers do not cooperate with other nearby access points to share bandwidth and channels properly, and this causes interference and reduces performance for all other wifi users in range.

There are two ways to prevent your printer from becoming a source of interference.

  1.  Join the RezNet-Guest network.
    1. Find the wireless (WLAN) Mac Address for your make/model of printer.
    2. Go to Connecting Gaming and Print Devices and follow the instructions to register your printer.
    3. Configure your printer to connect to the RezNet-Guest network. (Most printers do not support the secure connection required to join RezNet). 
      1. You may get an error that the printer cannot connect to the internet.  This is normal.
    4. Power off the printer and restart it. You should now be able to see it when you add a printer from your laptop.
    5. Congratulations! Your printer will now stop acting as an access point and will no longer interfere with the rest of the network.


  1. Turn wifi off completely on the printer, and use a USB cable when printing. USB cables can be purchased in the Staples kiosks located in the Athletics Centre and in the 1st floor of Gzowski College.



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