Outlook - Shared Mailboxes

From time to time you may find a need for a shared mailbox with a "generic" email address that multiple staff have access to. To create a shared mailbox, contact it@trentu.ca with the details of the use case. Here are some basic questions you should include answers to in your email to the Service Desk:

  1. Is there a particular email address you wish to have attached to the mailbox?
  2. Do you want to be able to send email from this "shared" email address/mailbox?
  3. What are the names and email addresses of the Trent staff who will share this email box?

Once the address and mailbox has been setup for you, each of the staff who will share the box should follow the instructions below to access the mailbox and its contents:

Using the Outlook Client program (as opposed to the Web app):

Once the mailbox has been created and you have been added to it, you will notice it will show up in both your Inbox and Calendar screens in the Outlook Client.

Screen shot of navigation menu in Outlook with newly created shared mailbox highlighted. In the example the shared mailbox name is Office 365 Deployment

Click the arrow to the left of the shared mailbox name to expand and view its section. If you have the proper permissions you can also send email from this mailbox/email address.

To do so:

  1. Click ‘New Email’ to open a new message
  2. Click ‘Options’ section on the ribbon
  3. Click ‘From’.  You will now have a ‘From’ field where you can select and change to your shared mailbox name to send mail from that account instead of your own personal account.

Screen shot of the From field located in Options in the Outlook ribbon (Step 3 above)

Using the Outlook Web App

When we talk about Outlook's web app it can be accessed from within myTrent portal or www.trentu.ca/owa:

  1. Login to your webmail via myTrent
  2. Navigate to Services/IT Services in the myTrent portal
  3. Click on the Outlook Webmail icon to open.
  • Tip: You can also drag this icon down into your Favourites area at bottom of your screen if this is something you want to access without navigating to Services/IT Services each time you sign in to myTrent.
  1. Once your email opens up in the web, click your name
  2. Select ‘Open another mailbox.’ 

Screen shot showing Outlook web app with "Open another Mailbox" highlighted in the Navigation pane

  1. Enter the name of your shared mailbox
  2. Click ‘OK’.

This will log you in to the shared mailbox and allow you to view emails/calendars/contacts etc as well as send email from that account (if you have the required permissions) from the Outlook webmail app.


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