Opening Shared Outlook Mailbox (Students)

  1. Log into your myTrent account in your preferred web browser.
  2. Navigate to the SERVICES tab and select or scroll down to the IT Services section.

MyTrent menu with IT Services highlighted for selection in left navigation menu

  1. Click on the “Outlook Shared Mailbox” icon.

Screen shot of Outlook Shared mailbox icon

  1. A small dialogue window will open asking for the mailbox alias. This is essentially the username of the account (everything before the

  1. You should see the below screen briefly. The username field is ideally populated as TRENT\username but can be displayed/entered as your myTrent email address.

MyTrent login screen where username is "abuser"

  1. The mailbox should load normally afterwards and you will basically be the delegate account. Emails you send will come from the delegate account, not your own.

Outlook is loading screen shot

  1. If, by chance, you find you’re stuck on a blank screen and the browser tab says “Continue” simply click your mouse into the address bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

Screen shot of "Step 6" instruction to click into the address bar in the event of a tab that says Continue


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