New Computer Purchase Process

TUFA Renewal program

  • Applies to select faculty and librarians belonging to the Trent University Faculty Association (TUFA) per a negotiated agreement.
  • All other staff must coordinate purchasing via the IT's Purchasing Department and standard requisition purchasing process.

Non-TUFA staff purchases:

Purchases can be made through Trent's Purchasing webpage

Purchasers are strongly encouraged to purchase a standard configuration from our preferred vendor. These systems are guaranteed to be supported by the standard Trent image. If your requirements cannot be met by one of the standard configurations, then we request that you contact IT for assistance.

Note:  Be aware that purchases of non-standard computers are made at your own risk – IT is not responsible for making them work on TrentNet.

All computers which are purchased outside of IT must be brought to the IT Service Desk for imaging prior to being connected to TrentNet.

Such imaging is subject to the following restrictions:

  • The purchaser must certify that the PC is owned by the University
  • The purchaser must provide proof of a Microsoft Windows license
  • IT will not modify the standard image or the installation process to accommodate non-standard systems
  • IT will not source or load any additional drivers once an image is loaded


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