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Information Technology

Information Technology

Microsoft Azure RMS - Using Custom Permissions - PC


The Microsoft Azure RMS (Document Protection) application allows the secure sharing of information of documents with tracking and security permissions embedded into the file itself. This tutorial will detail the steps required to protect a document using RMS and share it externally, or with a specific person only using customized permissions. 

Detailed Instructions

NOTE - Trent IT does not have the ability to recover documents that are shared with customized permissions. Only the original author and the user you're sharing with will have the ability to open documents shared this way. 

Open the document and select the share protected button from the Office ribbon

The office ribbon with the share protected box highlighted

Enter, or copy and paste the email of the recipient that you would like to share the document with.

The Azure RMS dialog with the recipient or users section highlighted

Scroll to the templates and select the desired security option. 

The Azure RMS dialog with one of the templates, view only, highlighted

Select the desired additional security options - expiration, email tracking and revocation, and then click send.

The Azure RMS dialog with the send button highlighted

What happens next?

  • The recipient will receive an email notification and will be able to view the document with the permissions that have been set. If the document is compromised or disclosed outside the University it will be un-readable and remain protected.
  • If the document is attached to an email message or moved to a USB stick, the protection will be included in the document file itself. Files will continue to be protected regardless of the transmission method. 



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