MFA - Using MFA to Authenticate


Using MFA to authenticate to myTrent resources provides an added layer of security in the event that your account is compromised. This user guide will describe the process for using MFA to authenticate. 


  • Login to myTrent or Office 365 normally with your username and password. 
  • After your password has been authenticated, the login page will indicate that MFA authentication is required. 

The myTrent MFA prompt

  • Open the app on your phone and a prompt will appear asking you to approve or deny the MFA request. Click approve and you will be logged into the requested application. 

The approve sign in from the Authenticator app

Alternate Authentication - I forgot my phone!

If you're unable to use the Microsoft Authenticator app to login you can use an alternate authentication method. 

  • Wait a few moments for the MFA prompt to change to "we did not receive a response" then click Use a different verification option.  

MFA we didn't receive a response prompt with alternate method highlighted in red

  • Click one of the alternate methods such as "call me at..." 

Alternate MFA options highlighted

  • Follow the instructions provided by the alternate method to complete the MFA response 
  • If you cannot complete one of the alternate methods of MFA verification, please contact the IT Service desk at x1010​ 

Help and Support

  • For assistance using MFA please contact the IT service desk at or by phone at x1010


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