MFA - Configuring Alternate MFA Methods


Using MFA through the Microsoft Authenticator app is the easiest way to provide MFA verification. However, you also have the option of using several different types of verification such as alternate mobile numbers and desk phones. This document will describe how to maintain and change your alternate MFA verification options. 

Specific Instructions

  • Using your web browser navigate to
  • On the left menu, select the Change Phone option - you can enter a mobile phone number in the dialog in case the app based prompt is ever unavailable. When completed, click save

the MFA application with Change Phone, the number box and save highlighted

  • To update or change your desk phone option, click change method and select phone call. Click Save

[The MFA box with change method, phone call and save selected]

  • Click the Change phone link under the My Account menu

The My Account Menu with Change Phone Highlighted in Red

  • Enter the Trent phone number in the backup section and enter your extension 

the MFA application, change phone call method box with backup highlighted.

  • Click save



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