Install an office printer-Win 7

Windows 7 Instructions:

If you are running Windows 10, please see Install an Office printer for instructions

Before starting either installation process you must have the PRINTER NAME which is indicated on the TRENT IT LABEL affixed to the PRINTER.

Write down the name and return to your computer. (example: IT-PRINTER-03). Anywhere you see "YOUR-PRINTER-NAME" indicated in this document please insert the name you wrote down off the label.

From the Start menu on your PC, select Devices and Printers

In the address bar area, type: \\\YOUR-PRINTER-NAME


When prompted enter your username and password (e.g. and click OK.

This will install the printer on your machine and printer will be visible in control panel window

If this is the printer you print to most often, you could set it as your default printer (which pre-populates the device when you select the Print Command in Office.

  • To set it as your default printer right click on the printer and choose Set as default printer option


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