iClicker REEF - Syncing Grades with Blackboard

iClicker REEF - Syncing Grades with Blackboard

Step 1 - Login to iClicker REEF and obtain your LTI Key

1) Login to the iClicker Cloud desktop application.

2) Click the ellipsis (...) next to the course you wish to sync.

3) Choose 'Settings...' from the dropdown menu.

iclicker settings to select grade sync option

4) From the settings menu select 'Grade Sync' in the top navigation bar and turn the Grade Sync Integration toggle to ON. Be sure to also select 'Blackboard' and 'Simple LTI 1.1 Grade Sync' as highlighted below:

First step of Grade sync settings

5) Copy link and Save. The link displayed is individual to your course on the REEF server. So this is the link students will use to access and join your class

second step of Grade sync settings

Step 2 - Create the LTI Link in your Blackboard course

1) Login to your Blackboard course and locate a suitable area for your registration link to appear (Course Content for instance)

2) Under the build content menu, select Web Link

3) Enter the information as described below to create you unique registration link

Field (box) Information Needed
Name Enter a name for the link the students will click
URL Paste (ctrl + v) the URL provided by REEF in Step 1
Enable Evaluation Toggle Box to "Yes"
Points Possible Enter 100
Visible to Students If you would like the graded column to appear for students in MyGrades on Blackboard. Click yes

4) Click Submit

Step 3 - Invite students to login and join the class through the link

In order for the grade sync to work correctly, the students must click on the link that you create in Step 2, and login with their REEF accounts. It's therefore recommended that an announcement or communication be sent to the students inviting them to click the link and correctly register.

Step 4 - Sync grades

1) Return to iClicker REEF and click the roster tab

2) Click the LMS Sync button to sync the grades




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