Group Manager


  1. Install the Group Manager Client using the Software Centre app in Windows 10.
  2. Using Search (magnifying glass icon on bottom ribbon), start to type the word "Software" and select Software Center

Windows search menu with "Software Center" desktop app highlighted for selection

3. Select Group Manager from the icons listed

  1. Follow the prompts to complete the installation of Group Manager.

Step 2 illustration - Welcome to Group Manager Setup Wizard screen

  1. Select the "Next" button to accept the User License Agreement on the following screen.

Step 3 illustration - User License Agreement with Next selected

  1. At the Select Installation Folder screen, choose the default path (confirm the one presented) by clicking on the Next button

  1. Select "Install" on the following (Ready to install) screen.

Step 4 illustration with Install indicated as the selection to make

  1. Choose YES on the User Account Control screen (allowing changes by the app to your device).

Step 6 illustration with "yes" as the indicated response

  1. Select Finish on the last "Wizard" screen.

Step 6 illustration with Finish indicated as the selection to make

  1. RESTART your computer to complete the installation. 


  1.  Click on the Start (flying window) icon or the magnifying glass at the bottom left of your screen and type GROUP MANAGER. Select it to open. (Illustration 1-left)

Illustration 1 (step 1 is left image; step 2 is right image)

  1. The open application will look like the above illustration (at right) with your name indicated as the Manager and group names listed in the Managed Groups table
  2. Once the dialog box for the group membership is open you can VIEW, ADD and REMOVE members.

 Step 3 illustration of members included in group


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