Folder redirection Issue (AD Migration)

Registry fix to correct desktop folder redirection


This process will overview the steps required to introduce a manual fix to the registry in cases where desktop redirection fails due to a hard coded reference to Castle. This behaviour presents as an error upon login that references “Castle”  


  1. Open File Explorer by right clicking on the start menu and choosing ‘File Explorer”  

Start menu with File Explorer highlighted

  1. In the resulting Windows Explorer window, click on ‘This PC’ on the left hand column, and then double-click SHARE (\\GRAVEL\VOL1)(S:)  

File Explorer window with "This PC" and SHARE (\\GRAVEL\VOL1)(S:) highlighted

  1. Open up the Everyone folder, then the IT folder, then desktopfix folder. Double-click the install file as seen below. 

 Install file selected after navigating Everyone/IT/desktopfix 

  1. Click Yes in the resulting window : 

User Account Control dialog box asking if Registry Editor may make changes to the device

  1. Then close out the window below by pressing any key : 

Command line screen example - close out by pressing any key

  1. The fix has now been applied. Sign out and sign back in to complete the process as per the screenshot below : 

Windows screen with profile then Sign-Out selected





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