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Information Technology

Information Technology

Fax Machines

Setup Instructions

  1. Change the fax speed to 9600 bps (recommended speed for no issues).
  2. Set the protocol to G3 (Super G3 has known inter-operative issues with ATAs).
  3. Disable Super G3.
  4. Disable the Error Correcting Mode (ECM). 

Fax Transmission 

Within the University:

  • Dial 4 digit extension number (last 4 digits of fax number)


  • Dial 9+10 digit local number

Long Distance (Canada & U.S.):

  • Dial 9+1+Area Code+Number+<Pause Button>+5 digit Long Distance Code

Long Distance (International / Overseas)

  • Dial 9+011+Country Code+City Code+Number+<# key>+<Pause Button>+5 digit Long Distance Code

***In some cases multiple pauses will be required when faxing to an international destination***

Please note: Since fax machines vary significantly between manufacturers and models, please consult your user manual or fax machine vendor for complete directions.


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