Fax Machines

Setup Instructions

  1. Change the fax speed to 9600 bps (recommended speed for no issues).
  2. Set the protocol to G3 (Super G3 has known inter-operative issues with ATAs).
  3. Disable Super G3.
  4. Disable the Error Correcting Mode (ECM). 

Fax Transmission 

Within the University:

  • Dial 4 digit extension number (last 4 digits of fax number)


  • Dial 9+10 digit local number

Long Distance (Canada & U.S.):

  • Dial 9+1+Area Code+Number+<Pause Button>+5 digit Long Distance Code

Long Distance (International / Overseas)

  • Dial 9+011+Country Code+City Code+Number+<# key>+<Pause Button>+5 digit Long Distance Code

***In some cases multiple pauses will be required when faxing to an international destination***

Please note: Since fax machines vary significantly between manufacturers and models, please consult your user manual or fax machine vendor for complete directions.


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