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Information Technology

Information Technology

FAQ - Novell to Active Directory Migration

Active Directory (or AD) is an enterprise directory service.  Currently Trent uses eDirectory (eDir) from Micro Focus (formerly Novell) and has been utilizing this for over a decade. Active Directory will replace this service. Active Directory manages computers, users, printers, and other technology resources within an organization using logical, hierarchical groups, which makes it easy to arrange, store, and secure technical information.

Why is Trent implementing Active Directory (AD)?

Our current infrastructure is built on aging technology and has served Trent University for over 25 years.  eDir began as NDS (Novell Directory Services) in 1993 and at the time had the most market share and was the most cost effective throughout the years.  Over time, eDir has slowly lost market share and as a result, has become more expensive to maintain, while AD has become more cost effective. 

More and more software companies are developing for AD and rarely for eDir, which cuts down on administrative costs for implementation and maintenance.

What are the key benefits of implementing Active Directory (AD)?

There are two key benefits to moving to AD.

1. Cost effective

Since AD is an industry standard, most software companies are already packaged for use with AD.  This allows Trent to purchase leading software without the need to customize to fit our aging infrastructure.

2. Ease of Integration

By using a universally supported directory infrastructure, Trent will be able to leverage most software companies using an industry standard such as Active Directory.

Who will be migrated to Active Directory (AD)?

All Trent Managed machines will be migrated to the new system.  Our Engineers are working on doing this automatically so most users will only notice a new login screen. 

How can I prepare for the migration?

If you are a person who manages your Department's S:/ drive, please contact our IT Department to confirm your contact details. We will schedule training on how to manage your data and assist with the data move, should you require it, once that step is reached. In the meantime, it would be extremely helpful if your department staff could review the contents of your S:/ drive and delete any unnecessary content before the data move.

How does this change affect me?

Most staff won't notice any difference other than a different login screen.

What is the timeline for this project?

This project has already started, and will continue over the next number of months.  The project will be finished by April 2018.

Will my username and password change?

No. All usernames and passwords will be migrated as well.

Will I still be able to access my Trent network drives?

Yes. Your access to the network including access to network data will not change.  Due to the difference in infrastructure, HOW you access your data may change but these will still be accessible as they are currently.

Will there be training offered on Active Directory (AD)?

Yes. Training will be provided and additional information will follow. Bookmark this page for important links and information.


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