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Information Technology

Information Technology

eduroam Setup - Mac

Navigate to the portal: myTrent>Services>IT Services and choose the Wifi Setup icon: 

Wifi icon used in My Trent - waves above a stylized letter A on blue background

You will see the following screen which provided a list of links depending on the Mac OS you are using on your device.

Choose the appropriate link and double-click.

A file with a ".mobileconfig" extension will download to your computer. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded file to open.

Follow the prompts provided by the following set of screens:

On the Install Eduroam? screen, click Continue

On the "Are you sure you want to install profile" screen, click continue to Install the CA Root Certificate.

On the settings screen, enter your username@trentu.ca and password

Click the Install button, and you will next be presented with Trent's Network Connection Policy. 

Please review Trent's Network Connection Policy carefully.

Click Install to accept the terms of the Network Connection Policy. 

Enter local password for your mac if prompted to allow the Configuration Profile to make changes

Congratulations! You are all done.



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