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Information Technology

Information Technology

eduroam Setup - Android

Install and Launch eduroam CAT app from Google Play store on your Android device

Screen shot of Google Play Store with eduroam CAT selected

Scan or click on the QR code below, answer the configuration prompts using the drop-down buttons (country,  institution, user group (service) you wish to connect to (eduroam OR RezNet), and your particular device). I

It will identify the correct installer. Download the installer and follow the next set of prompts to complete the setup.


 You must do this for each device with which you wish to connect to either of Trent's networks.

Scannable OR clickable QR code for WiFi configurator

Follow the prompts in the configurator to connect. You will see screens similar to those below which will guide you through the following steps:

Accept the terms and conditions

Screen shot of eduroam's CAT tool after selecting Trent University with the Install button indicated per Step 3

Type your MyTrent username in the format: username@trentu.ca and your MyTrent password.

Click on Install button

Screen shot of eduroam sign-on screen showing username format and password fields filled in as example with Install button selected

You should see a message indicating that your profile has been installed and that you are connected to eduroam

Screen shot of eduroamCAT indicates successful connection to eduroam WiFi and current device configuration information


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